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Horse Ownership

We have simplified racehorse ownership to the point that anyone with any interest in it can get involved at whatever level they are comfortable with. We acquire our horses via the claiming route, we try to get a horse that fits at the track we are currently at. Contact Us >

The owners of the horse get in when the claim is dropped on the horse. The price of the horse is not inflated, and everyone is in at the percentage that they are comfortable with, from that point on each owner is responsible for all bills associated with the horse, they share in all purse money and when the horse is sold or lost via the claiming route everyone gets paid according to the percentage of the horse they own.

Run it Twice Racing charges a 3% fee of all purse money to manage the horse, silks, licenses, etc. All other purse money is distributed according to the interest each person has in the horse.

Run It Twice Racing Horse Ownership Cooperation and Horse Hauling Billings Montana

If you have any interest or questions about being involved in the next claim, now is the time to push the button. We never know for sure when we are going to be looking.

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