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Run It Twice Racing Horse Running

Run It Twice Racing

Racehorse Ownership Made Easy

Run it Twice Racing is the result of a conversation between two men in the Golden Nugget Casino’s Poker Room in Las Vegas in December of 2017. One already had some horses in a partnership with Nick Hines (Battleborn Racing Stables) and they had a horse running that day. The two were in the sports book watching the race on TVG.  The conversation about horse ownership continued back in the poker room and was overheard and joined by three others and the idea of the group was born. Nick when told of our discussion said that he‘d help in anyway he could, and suggested that since we all knew each other from the poker room that we should form our own group, with our own stable name and racing silks.

Run It Twice is a poker term that means when two players are all-in before the river and decide to deal the remaining cards twice.  One player must win both times to get the entire pot, if not it is split.

It seemed to be the perfect name for a racehorse group that was started in a poker room by poker players. Racehorse Ownership made easy and affordable, that is what we are ultimately about.

There are some great buying opportunities here. We would love to join you in one.

"Anyone with an unraced two year old, seldom if ever, commits suicide"

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